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Zero-Aurion Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2015
May I inquire as to when we are going to get more DMC stuff?
You have done so many comic about DMC i love you :D
Marianicuchiz Featured By Owner May 31, 2013
OH POR DIOS! Como he podido vivir tanto tiempo sin haber leído tus comics!? :la:
karaii Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013
Muchas gracias! :D
KlodwigLichtherz Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
We can translate your comics for Fandom Fight?
karaii Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013
What's fandom fight? (:
(and you are more than welcome to translate my comics, just make sure to link back to the original and credit me as the artist! :3 What language, btw?)
KlodwigLichtherz Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fandom fight it`s when a lot of teams going to draw arts, writing fanfictions, make translations, and viewers decide which team makes it better. We kind of defending the honor of fandom. It is interesting)
I can give you a link to the Fight for the last year.
In Russian.
iXesou Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Hey, beautiful comics might i add.

But i have a question: how do you know people won't steal your story? I mean, this IS the internet we're talking about. I know Deviantart copyrights works etc. but that doesn't mean people won't do it or at least try to... I want to post a comic myself, but i'm kinda unsure if i should post it here... what should i do?
karaii Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2013
This is a valid question!
For starters, it's gotten to such a point that I understand that nothing in the world is truly original -- the ideas I use here are snippets from ideas I've picked off others or condensed from my understanding and predictions of the existing material. The very fact that it is a /fan/ comic defines it as work derived from a preexisting source. I have no rights to the characters, to the world that they inhabit...if anything, I am "stealing" Devil May Cry's characters and plot as a vehicle for expressing my own thoughts and desires!
But I understand what you mean -- am I not afraid that others will take this concept of mine, and claim it as their own? To be honest, not really. Part of me would be quite miffed if someone took this comic page by page and said that it was drawn by them (after all, I have spent many, MANY hours drawing this ridiculously colossal monster), but if they simply take the idea and reproduce it with their own words, their own art -- reinterpret it, as it were, to be their own -- then another part of me would be somewhat flattered that they liked it enough to invest their time and effort on it. I'd prefer it if they said "oh, I was inspired by such and so", but honestly? This work is no more mine than it is the world's, at this point -- by posting it online, by sharing it with friends, it's become a work beyond the human limits of my mind, and become something much, much larger. People interpret this comic differently, they deduce the same expression as two different emotions, they take a word or a phrase and see a future far different from what I intended. And yet, all their interpretations are correct (so long as this comic remains unfinished, the populace's opinion is no more correct than my own!)

Of course, if it were a matter of my own original characters -- of which I have many, and hoard them close -- it would be different. Those characters are my own brain children, and I adore them, and if someone runs around claiming that every detail of their existence is theirs, I would not be pleased.
But a large part of me refuses to assume anything of mine is good enough to warrant being utterly stolen, word for word. Besides, my characters are not completely original. As I stated before, all of my ideas are derived from existing ones -- nothing is truly original anymore. And that's okay!
If it worries you so much, you shouldn't post your work. But is that okay with you? If you don't share, you'll never know if people like it or not, if it's a story worth sharing or not. You have to risk a bit of yourself to learn more and grow as a person, just like in relationships or in friendships.
If it continues to make you worry, there are ways to keep track of where your work goes. Put watermarks on your art, sign it differently if you post the art in different places so if someone steals it, you'll have an idea from where they took it, etc.
But, seriously speaking, it's very doubtful that anyone would steal my or your story word by word. I say give it a whirl -- post your stuff! -- it'll give you more confidence in your work when people comment on it and it'll motivate you to work more, and I wouldn't worry about stuff getting stolen until you're prepared to publish, if that's your intention. (:

I hope that helped!
iXesou Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Well, my characters are original, which is why i worry so much, if they weren't, then i wouldn't give it a second thought, i'd post my fancomic anyway, because people know that it belongs to the rightful owner, cuz it's so popular.

As you said, it's the originals i am afraid of.

It's not "word by word" i'm worried about either, it's the plot they might take, even if they add a twist, since, i worked to think about, you know? i wouldn't be exactly flattered if they copied something and get all the credit.

But i guess you're right. Besides, the one i'll post here won't the the main comic i'm working on, this one is "excercise" until i'm a good enough artist to start drawing my main one, i've already written down the plot, all i need is the pages, but i'm still clingy to the "practice" one too, since i've seen worst case senarios on people stealing the art and stories.

and since i'm not popular enough to be "supported" or whatever you can call it. I'm kinda paranoid.

I'm sort of a "newbie" to the world of artists. even if i've been creating things since the age of 5.
I've never actually showed any of my stories to people, not even my parents, and when i did, they asked if i took the plot from anywhere else, they weren't judging, just skeptical that i thought of a something like that.

My characters are original and when i created them, i made sure that they, along with the plot, differ from other stories and chars. Because as you had said, i don't want them to be "un-original"

Because unfortunetaly, when i first came on deviantart, i had an idol (don't we all?) and i made a chara that looked similar to hers, when i showed it to her, i was shocked that she threatened me to delete it or she'll ban me because i "copied" her.
I didn't mean to copy her, i was just inspired by her. and since i was so new, i got upset because she mistakened me for an art thief.

and now i know why she was so clingy, because i noticed that many people stole from artists, the more i stayed on DA.

Thank you very much for giving me some confidence, i kinda needed it, since i don't have that much self-esteem on the things i create ^^;

But it's not JUST that i'm afraid of not being good enough, it's also that fear of being robbed, if you know what i mean.

But i guess i could take a risk.

Thanks, you helped alot. :hug:
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